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Implant Dentistry

Root replacement in jawbone that can be used to support crowns and bridges


Removal of uncomplicated teeth that have disease or can’t be restored

Periodontal Treatments

Treatments for periodontitis, including surgical cleaning, debridement, and contouring of bone and gums


Indirect restorations (multiple visits) to improve the contour, size, and color of teeth

Examinations and Cleaning

Routine checks to promote oral health and diagnose or prevent oral disease

Crown and Bridge

Indirect restorations (multiple visits) to replace larger amounts of tooth structure or even missing teeth

Root Canal

Removal of diseased tooth nerve to treat pain and infection

Deep Cleaning

Cleanings with anesthetic to treat early periodontitis (Bone and Gum disease)


Teeth whitening performed at home using a custom fabricated tray

Occlusal Guard

Custom mouthguard to prevent jaw discomfort and excessive tooth wear


Direct restorations to replace small decay or minimal tooth structure at the same visit


Improvement of teeth position with wire and brackets or with Invisalign (Clear aligners)

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